Sonar Judge The Distance Circuit

Circuito ‘Golpe de Vista’ #arduSerie — 32

Most likely your automotive skill has been demanded as never before: the garages are getting more and more tight … the garage of my apartment in particular … fight for urban space is increasingly frequent …. and getting more expensive!

Thinking about that I assemble this circuit: Park Assist I.

I know, You may be asking, so what if the new cars already comes with parking assistants… wait, can you interfacing with it? No, you can’t, uh … so let’s go, come and play too ….

Maybe an audible sound warning us, from outside, can help you judge the distance between your car and any obstacle behind you…wait… 
I leave in a very hot region and will sweat more if there were no air conditioner. So, no sound from outside: alarm is not useful …maybe inside and vibrating…
How about that, sound and vibrate your cell? There you are! Here is a Golpe de Vista circuit a solution for garages that are getting tighter and tighter:

And here is how it works…

…and working to prove the concept:

The code for the phone is written in Mit Inventor 2 and please refer to this video for more details …There is nothing fancing…maybe for child…It’s a matter of piecing together pieces of the puzzle.

With respect to the Arduino sketch, it follows below:

This is my first arduino try code.

And this is the final version:

If you do not want to get into details about android, just download the .apk file to your cell phone, here is a guide, mount the breadbord upload arduino sketch and you’re done!

Let me show the steps:

1 — Mount the breadboard;

2 — Upload Arduino code (git repo);

3 — Upload .apk to your android; refers to this post : kidsTronics;

4 — Have fun!

So this is it! In the next post, We will return to the implementation of our videos on proteus, this time we will work with the reaction time circuit.
So till then, catch up with me by posting your comments in my youtube channel
And don’t forget to thumbs it up;-)Enjoy!

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Park Assist I Prototype v1.0
Car Installation, May. 2017
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