Wolfram & Reading potentiometer

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Pot Wolfram HOW-TO:

Task 0 — See fritz diagram to setup your hardware;

Task 1 — Upload AnalogReadPot.ino to Arduino;

Task 2 — With the hardware setup completed and the Arduino sketch uploaded 
now switch to the Wolfram Language;

Task 3 — Connect to the serial device: 
In the arduino skecth you can see what port your arduino is connect; 
Set the baud rate to 115200 on arduino scket and here in DeviceOpen
function of Mathematica;
Task 4- Remove those schedules that may interfere with the next one;

Task 5 — Now make the schedule to run each 5 seconds;

Task 6 — Use AngularGauge to get data dynamically on canvas.

arduino = DeviceOpen[“Serial”, {“/dev/ttyACM0”, “BaudRate” -> 115200}]



AngularGauge[Dynamic[val],{0,255}, GaugeLabels -> Automatic]

That’s it!