JunoMint DEX Tools v1 — Post Mortem

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2 min readFeb 15, 2022



JunoMint has provided a suite of tools to deploy its token to the JunoSwap decentralized exchange in a few clicks.

JunoMint Dex Tools


Unfortunately, the tool was misconfigured due to an error in the JunoSwap community documentation.

Documentation containing the error — JunoSwap

The pool should have been created with the cw20 property for the token2_denom property and not native.

With the current version of the contract used by JunoSwap, it is not possible to retrieve the liquidity that has been added to the pool when the pool is misconfigured.

Although the source of the problem is multiple (documentation and inability to retrieve funds when the pool is misconfigured), we should have made sure that it is possible to retrieve funds before publishing the suite of tools.

Attempt at correction

We have therefore proposed a patch to recover its liquidity, unfortunately it is not possible to update the contract, because it is not configured with an administrator. Without an administrator, it is simply impossible to migrate the contract in order to recover its funds.

Point of attention

Since it is impossible to recover liquidity, we ask you to not add any more liquidity to your pools created via JunoMint and ask you to forget their existence, you will have to recreate your pools once the tool is back online with the correction made.


As communicated via our social networks, rest assured, we will refund the funds you cannot get back. The refund will take place very soon.

JunoMint DEX Tools will soon be fixed to allow you to recreate your pools.

We will also update the JunoSwap community documentation to prevent this from happening again.

The codeId of the contract will be modified soon so that even if the pool is misconfigured people will be able to recover their funds for the pools that were instantiated with this new codeId.

Here is the list of pools that were created via JunoMint and will be fully refunded directly to the wallet that created the pools:

List of refunds for pools created with JunoMint DEX Tools

Thank you

We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding since we brought this problem to your attention.

The JunoMint Team.




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