An Interview with Jur Chief Legal Officer: Raffaele Battaglini

Founder of the Battaglini-De Sabato Law Firm, Raffaele has extensive experience advising startups and corporate on innovation, internationalisation, M&A deals and contracts. Co-organizer of Legal Hackers Torino, he’s an expert on the intersection of law & tech.

When did you first begin to work with decentralized systems?

I started in mid 2016 when the expression “smart contracts” crossed again my life. The first time I heard about this concept was in 2006 during my LL.M. in Innovation, Technology and the Law where I studied Nick Szabo and his theories.

What attracted you to decentralization? What are the main advantages of decentralized vs centralized systems?

I believe that decentralisation is the next evolution of Internet and blockchain technology is a revolution just as Internet has been and is today. The idea of unique digital data that can be transferred without the control of a single third party is astounding and opens up many possible applications, many of which are still beyond our comprehension.

Can you tell us a little about your role in Jur and how you expect to contribute?

I am Jur’s Chief Legal Officer so my job is to provide legal assistance so that the project is compliant with applicable laws (with the support of local lawyers expert in the relevant jurisdiction), the contracts with partners, suppliers and clients are drafted to Jur’s protection, and corporate governance is correctly managed. So my contribution is to safeguard Jur’s rights, intellectual property and assets, and monitor that the ICO is performed in a sound and trustful manner.

What sort of businesses do you expect will be the first to use Jur?

It is difficult to say because Jur has received positive and useful feedbacks from different kind of businesses. However, I believe that the first use cases will be over the counter crypto trades and web-related contracts.

What impact do you think Jur will have on global commerce and why?

I believe that, once the community of tokenholders is broad enough and hubs dedicated to specific commercial contracts managed by reliable Institutions are in place, Jur may become one of the few international standards for B2B online dispute resolution.

Looking at your resume, you’ve been pretty busy. Do you have any spare time? What do you do for fun?

I dedicate my spare time to my family.

What are some of the biggest innovations & impacts we can expect to see from decentralized technology in the next 5 years?

One of the biggest trend I see outside fintech is the tracking of goods and food. This will improve logistics, simplify global commerce with smart contracts and increase customer relationship by guaranteeing origin of the products.

Were you into computers as a hacker or gamer when you were a kid?

I have always been into IT as advanced user and gamer.

What are the largest barriers for widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and token based utilities?

First of all, the low amount of transactions per second: big marketplaces as Amazon or Alibaba needs an incredible high rate of transactions per second and no blockchain network can sustain that at the moment. Secondly, a clear international regulatory framework, especially from a fiscal viewpoint.

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