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Jur Beta Platform Release v1.0: the DIY Micro-Justice Manager is Born

The first legal decentralized app from Jur is out on the market

Sep 18, 2019 · 8 min read
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In the future, people will look back and laugh at the idea that we used to do business based on trust, words, handshakes, and the hope that a buyer would payout.

They will laugh out loud at the idea of us struggling to draft lengthy paper contracts covered in signatures, with a number of senseless clauses that we accept without questioning, the same as we fail to question the heavy burden of legal expenses.

They will laugh out loud, rolling on the floor by the idea that we are bound to the decision of a few elite arbitrators, that are easy to corrupt, extremely expensive to pay, and relied upon for matters of the utmost importance.

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It’s imperative to build a new system in the present, a system where all the struggles of dealing with the legal side of business becomes easy, affordable, autonomous and self-manageable. One day in the future, we will look back and wonder, how was it possible that we did it any other way?

For that, Jur has invented the Jur Beta Platform.

Join the Jur Beta Platform now!

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The Jur Beta Platform: a Call for Justice

The Jur Beta Platform is a system meant to deal with micro-justice, so that any professional can safeguard their work by effortlessly creating smart legal contracts and open disputes when one of the people with a contract does not comply with the terms.

That’s possible through the combination of the Jur Editor and the Jur Open Layer into the JBP, two solutions powered by the JUR token.

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We are shifting the paradigm of self-management in business relations, thanks to the Jur Beta Platform

Moreover, the dispute resolution mechanism is based on the community of voters, that are incentivised to vote on the parties in the dispute in order to earn a number of tokens proportional to their stake.

The JBP is a way to solve a huge gap in the market and offer a fast resolution for a kind of issue that has yet to be addressed — we call it ‘the freelance problem’. At the same time, the JBP offers everyone the opportunity to earn tokens by being an active voter in the platform.

The JBP is for everyone, and for every business-related need. We invite you all to be part of this changing paradigm, that we are unveiling today for the first time.

Read along to see how to start immediately!

Wallet registration and login

The Jur Beta Platform is a dApp — a decentralized application that runs on blockchain, and as such, it requires a bit of a learning curve to be properly used and understood. But don’t let that slow you down, just follow the steps with us!

  1. Install Comet Chrome Extension by our friends at Totient Labs:
  2. Follow the instructions in Comet. If you don’t have a wallet already, create one (it’s very easy, but follow the instructions carefully)
  3. You can start browsing the Jur Beta Platform now. Go to and follow the instructions. A pop-up will ask you to connect: just grant the access and you are all set.
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Got stuck? Follow this step-by-step video tutorial:

If you want to create a new Smart Legal Contract, or vote in a dispute, grab some JUR tokens on the OceanEx Exchange Platform.

Watch the video to have a glimpse on how to: a) create your first smart legal contract, b) open a dispute, c) vote for a resolution. Check it out!

More detailed tutorials will follow.

Create your first Smart Legal Contract: Jur Editor

Quick reminder: we have written an extensive article on how the JUR token is used to provide better justice. Maybe you’d like to take a look at it before proceeding. The legal market is in dire need of improvements to the justice systems.

Here you go:

The Jur Beta Platform is a combination of the Jur Editor and the Jur Open Layer. Thanks to the Jur Editor, you can create a new Smart Legal Contract.

Press ‘create new smart contract’. Now you should fill in the details for you and your counterparty.

While creating a contract, you should specify who will put the funds in escrow (generally the buyer) and what fees the parties should deposit as a guarantee to the other party to enter into a contract.

If you are a designer, you might want a client to put an extra amount in the escrow, just in case they make you work more than the fair/agreed value and you would like to get back not only the due amount but even a bit more given the extra work.

Use common sense, and always explain the reason for your requests, to help the counterparty better understand your needs.

Remember to fill in the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and the Resolution Proof in great detail. This will help any voter to better judge the dispute, if it may arise.

Feel free to attach as many documents as you want that are related to the contract.

Enforce your contract: open a dispute with the Jur Open Layer

The contract you have created and agreed upon, with your counterparty, would be of no use without a dispute resolution mechanism attached to it. That’s why in the Jur Beta Platform, the Jur Editor is attached to the Jur Open Layer. If one of the two parties are not happy with the result of the interaction, they can open a dispute, and that allows the contract to be evaluated by the community that will vote for a fair resolution.

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Option 1: You and your counterparty are happy and you close the contract with success.

To close it successfully just hit the success button and your counterparty will be able to either accept or reject it. In case of rejection, a dispute will be opened.

Option 2: In case you are unsatisfied with how things went with your counterparty, feel free to hit the Dispute button and decide if you want to create a friendly resolution (which is an internal proposal to your counterparty) or an open dispute (which is a proposal submitted to the whole Jur community).

In both cases, you need to fill in an explanation that goes into detail on why you are opening a dispute, and why you have chosen specific resolution numbers (e.g. get back 90% and only pay out 10% of the amount escrowed to the counterparty).

Vote for a Resolution: Jur Voting System

The Jur Beta Platform is not a game, but there is a lot to play with.

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The entire mechanism of the dispute resolution system, upon which the Jur Open Layer is based, grants the community the opportunity to earn JUR tokens staked on the open disputes of third parties. This way, the JBP offers a fast and incorruptible decision, while gamifying the experience of dispute resolution.

Any JUR token holder can vote and express his/her opinions about the dispute. Funds will be automatically distributed according to the dispute resolution proposal deemed to be the fairest. Learn how to get your first JUR tokens and start earning for a better, fairer justice!

Start using the platform now, or learn more about it:

Lab for New Justice Program

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The Jur Beta Platform is in beta. Yeah, you got it already. That means that the principles behind it are currently being analyzed by the Radboud University Faculty of Law. We have created a program, the Lab For New Justice, to bring the concepts of the Open Layer to all the major universities in the world. We’ve also established a scientific committee to help guide the platform and ensure we are technically, academically, and ethically sound.


Read more:

Open Letter for an Open Justice: CEO Alessandro Palombo invites you all to join in the new justice ecosystem

The JUR token is the vital energy that animates all the Jur ecosystem and the Jur Beta Platform in particular. On the eve of the JUR token launch, CEO Alessandro Palombo wrote a letter to invite the community to join the Jur Beta Platform, to support a new paradigm of justice in business relations.

That’s for all of you:

It’s now time to start!

Join the Jur Beta Platform now.

Final Notes

We don’t expect to see a huge community of users and voters from day 1, given also the current friction in using dApps. Nevertheless, we are sure that in time, people will realize the importance of having to learn to use tools such as the JBP. The revolution is there, ready to be made. You have the chance to become an early adopter of a technology which is about to become mainstream. If you are interested in the Jur’s project, we are about to launch the Jur Oracles Program. More soon!

Do you want to follow all the updates about Jur?

Follow us on Twitter, join the official telegram community and subscribe to Jur News!

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