Jur CEO Alessandro Palombo Recognized for his Contributions at Decentralized 2019

The premiere European blockchain event thanked Alessandro for his participation and is already looking forward to the 2020 event in Cyprus

Dec 4, 2019 · 4 min read

On November 28th, Jur’s CEO Alessandro Palombo got the chance to present Jur’s solutions at one of the biggest blockchain conferences in Europe. Taking place in Athens, Greece, the event focused on advancing the mainstream adoption of decentralized technologies. This was a good fit for Jur, who is building an ecosystem aimed at the improvement of commercial legal agreements through decentralized methods.

Jur was joined by strategic partner VeChain at the event, as the two discussed ways to use blockchain as a tool to create value for businesses. This shared strategy is an ideal fit for Decentralized, as the event strives to attract business and academic leaders for the purpose of holding progressive talks on the latest breakthrough technologies.

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Jur CEO Allesandro Palombo (middle) poses with VeChain’s Dimitris Neocleous and Jerome Grilleres

Lovely to see a high level event, organized by one of the pioneer universities in the space such as Nicosia university. A pleasure attend and looking forward to the next — CEO Alessandro Palombo

After the completion of the event, the Decentralized team reached out to thank Alessandro for his participation. They expressed their “heartfelt thanks” and noted that the feedback in response to the presentations had been highly positive. The letter included links to photos from Athens, and announced their plans to hold the conference again in 2020. They added that they really enjoyed his insightful contribution at Decentralized 2019 and would love to see Jur return for next year’s event.

The main hall of Decentralized 2019, where industry leaders and government experts provided their insights on the state of decentralization

The University of Nicosia (UNIC), the largest university in Cyprus, was responsible for organizing the two day conference. Attendees took part in over 28 sessions, panels and two full-day workshops. There was a large audience as the event was attended by over 1,000 attendees from 53 countries, with 123 speakers, 63 sponsors, and other media partners & supporters. Among the sponsors were major corporations such as Microsoft, Oracle, Accenture, and PwC.

The UNIC CEO Antonis Polemitis had an important message for those in attendance. He urged all related stakeholders (including governments and big corporations) to take more risks and push harder beyond standard use cases.

He believes that we will soon arrive at a point where our policy responses and technical infrastructure will allow us to deliver solutions to contemporary problems more organically. This message mirrors the one Jur has been pushing in legal circles, as we are unceasingly challenging businesses and legal professionals to take the next step towards embracing new innovations.

Big crowds networked between keynotes, panels, and discussions in the main halls

Cyprus and Greece are home to a large and vibrant blockchain basd community. UNIC was one of the earliest adopters of digital technologies, and claims to be the leading university globally in the digital currency and blockchain field. It was the first university to offer a Master’s program specializing in Digital Currency, and was also the first university in the European Union to receive a 5 star QS rating for online learning.

The University of Nicosia is one of the leading institutes for decentralized technology research, offering programs including a Master’s Degree in Blockchain & Digital Currency

During the closing remarks of Decentralized 2019, Professor George Giaglis, General Director of the Institute For the Future (IFF) at UNIC noted that the participants were part of a “wave of creative disruption” that was already underway. He revealed that next year’s theme will simply be “Deployment”, a theme that matches the current phase of the Jur ecosystem. Jur looks forward to working with Decentralized in the future, as we feel they share a common interest with both the event and the organizers.

Stay tuned for more details about Jur’s upcoming events.

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