Jur&Food: the first Jur Meetup on #legaltech during Singapore Week was a complete success

Read how Jur CEO introduces the project to local lawyers and legal professionals during the Singapore Blockchain Week

Nov 20, 2019 · Unlisted

On November 13th, Jur CEO Alessandro Palombo took part in a panel discussing the effect technology was having on the legal world, not just in the region but also on a global scale. This was a great opportunity to share Jur’s mission with a part of the world that is well-recognized for being progressive both in regulation and adoption.

The event was hosted by Jur with the support of Accelerating Asia, Coinsilium and Startup Tokens, and was held downtown in the Capital Square area of the Singapore Central Business District.

In addition to Alessandro, the panel included Eddy Travia (CEO ofCoinsilium), Pooja Sinha (Partner at Global Solutions Group), and Huiling Xie (Co-head at LawTech Asia). Travia, who is an advisor for Jur, is a big believer in the effect blockchain can have on the global justice system.

“It was a pleasure to moderate this great panel on decentralised justice given the expertise of the panelists in the legal tech space and their knowledge about blockchain-related legal issues. It was great to hear the panelists’ insights about trust, alternative dispute resolutions, the lawyers’ interests in new technologies and the challenges faced by tech entrepreneurs when dealing with laws and regulations which are often outdated and at odds with the pace of innovation.” — Says Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsilium

Jur’s CEO Ale with Eddy at the first Jur Meetup

There was no doubt that the quality of the audience exceeded what can normally be found at meetups organized by blockchain startups as many of the guests worked in fields directly related to law or commercial business.

Being able to target legal professionals outside of the blockchain space is a major goal for Jur, and a necessary one in order to grow the ecosystem.

Jur has found that despite the conservative nature of their work, many lawyers are more than willing to explore solutions that can save them time, paperwork, and make providing services more streamlined. This was a key point discussed during the meetup, as the audience asked the panellists to share their opinions on the topic.

Also in attendance were a number of developers, who challenged the panellists on a number of tech-related issues. The panellists underlined the need to find formats and solutions that were universal and available to people in all different personal and commercial environments. They pointed out how the need for decentralized legal services was even more profound in neighbouring areas such as Indonesia, where the court systems lack the infrastructure to provide fast and fair solutions for everyone.

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Yacine Terai, Founder and CEO of StartupToken had many favourable things to say as well.

“The feedback I have collected from the attendees following the Jur meetup has been very positive and personally I have enjoyed hearing from the panellists about this exciting topic. I think it was a great turn-out, especially during a week with a high number of blockchain and fintech events being hosted all over Singapore. It demonstrates that meetup attendees are discerning and trust StartupToken’s ability to bring original events and good speakers to Singapore. I wish all the best to Jur and its team.”

Based on the success of the meetup, Jur will continue to organize and take part in similar events around the world. Be sure to follow Jur’s social media for more news and announcements.

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