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Jur Open Layer: Dispute Resolution on the Blockchain

The Open Layer is the online dispute resolution mechanism designed by Jur for small deals that need a super quick and cheap way to solve disputes.

Sep 22, 2019 · 3 min read

Jur has just released the Jur Beta Platform, a combination of the Jur Editor and the Jur Open Layer. While the first one is used to create contracts on the blockchain, the second is used to perform a dispute resolution. The first wouldn’t be of real use without a way to enforce it. That’s why we have developed the Open Layer, a dispute resolution system.

What is an online dispute resolution system?

This is extremely problematic for fast-paced small deals based on micro-transactions. Where speediness is crucial, the parties cannot bear the inefficiencies of the national court system, which sometimes exceed the value of the dispute itself.

As a response to this issue, the parties with certain business needs usually rely on different dispute resolution systems that provide that the decision is made by third parties other than national judges in a quicker way. Arbitration, mediation, and conciliation are among the most appreciated alternative dispute resolution methods. With the advent of the internet, many online dispute resolution systems, with proceedings conducted online have come to light to provide for quicker and cheaper ways to solve disputes. Jur has designed its own dispute resolution mechanisms as well in order to make the Jur Beta Platform an all-inclusive service.

Why is an online dispute resolution necessary?

What is the Open Layer?

To sum up, the Jur Beta Platform enables you to create your own smart legal contracts and solving any potential disputes arising from them thanks to the Open Layer. Having JUR tokens and using them is the only thing that you need to access all these features so that you can manage your deals way more effectively.

Jur believes that such an all-inclusive service empowered by the smart contract technology and automation translates into a safe environment for deals based on good faith and fairness.

Did you join on the Jur Beta Platform already?

More about the Jur Beta Platform:

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World’s first Multi-Jurisdiction Online Dispute Resolution

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