Jur Completes a Successful Funding Round with VeChain Foundation and signs a Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Jul 18, 2019 · Unlisted

Zug, Switzerland, 18th July 2019

We are very pleased to announce that a round of the VeChain Foundation’s investment in Jur has been successfully concluded.

Jur and VeChain have signed a Strategy and Development Agreement for supporting each other in a synergic way to create value for the ecosystem, based on strong use cases, establishing a common path for the years to come.

“We are at the beginning of the legal tech rise, and blockchain technologies can change the rules of the game. Jur is the pioneer on the use of blockchain on matters of legal interest and together with our community we are creating a comprehensive ecosystem totally built on new models and concepts, breaking with the past”, says Alessandro Palombo, CEO and co-founder of Jur.

“As VeChain we decided to invest and select Jur as the infrastructural partner for the legal solutions on blockchain. It is invaluable to create solutions for enterprises for creating legally binding agreements on-chain in an easy way and solve disputes easily and we as VeChain are focused on adoption by businesses. We welcome Jur as our Partner and foresee a great level of use by the community”, says Sunny Lu, VeChain Foundation CEO.

“There is no other blockchain project that shares our vision so closely. We are glad to start this adventure together “, remarks Alessandro Palombo — Jur CEO.

Jur is the only project that provides legally compliant solutions for business which are based on blockchain and on other innovative online models, all driven by the JUR token, the token of the new legal decentralized ecosystem.

Know more about Jur: www.jur.io.

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Write to: info@jur.io

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