JUR visits Dubai sovereign wealth conference

JUR was invited to the prestigious Ritossa Family Office’s 7th Annual Global Family Office Summit, a gathering of over 400 elite sovereign wealth managers representing over 2 trillion in wealth. Carmello Caggia of Italy’s Class CNBC channel caught up with JUR CEO Alessandro Palombo at the summit & talked about the blockchain investment climate & JUR.

Alessandro Palombo (CEO at Jur) interview on CNBC

Investment Outlook

According to Alessandro, 2017 was an unusual year. Irrational investor sentiment caused prices to decouple from values. People were raising money for projects that had no reason to be on the blockchain and were doomed to fail.

The entire sector surged and fell back in value to where it is perhaps underpriced. Some people are saying 2018 will be the year of STOs (Secure Token Offerings). Alessandro notes that the utility token model will always be valid for good projects.

He expects to see utility token projects that offer real value thrive and expand rapidly into 2020. Alessandro reports that several investors at the conference are taking a close look at JUR.

Alessandro Palombo and Gareth Fenney

JUR — The Dispute Resolution Layer For The Blockchain

The blockchain industry is working to decentralize all kinds of services, but when a subjective question arises, smart contracts must point back to a central authority. Traditional dispute resolution is slow and costly. JUR will provide a decentralized dispute resolution system for all DAPPs and platforms.

For example, a decentralized version of Upwork could use JUR to resolve disputes involving subjective assessments of work quality. JUR’s flexible protocol works for any blockchain.

JUR will also provide contract creation wizards so anyone can easily create a smart legal contract and attach it to free escrow and dispute resolution. As an example of a use case, Alessandro notes that OTC transactions, ‘over the counter’ exchange of cryptocurrencies, could be backed up with contracts and escrow on JUR.

This single blue ocean market involves around 3 billion USD in transactions per month.

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