Key Announcements at the OceanTrip Meet-Up Event: Jur’s strategic approach and 4 key major updates.

For a quick summary before you read: We went to Amsterdam, met some of the most valuable JUR contributors, shook a lot of hands and met some interesting people willing to help Jur grow. We spoke about blockchain, justice, and shared some drinks together.

Oct 22, 2019 · Unlisted

During the OceanEx meetup in Amsterdam we released 4 major updates:

  1. The Jur Beta Platform is out and ready for anyone to be used;
  2. The platform is going to host the first-time-in-the-world event of selling a car between private parties on the blockchain;
  3. Five more universities — soon to be announced, will join the Lab for New Justice after Radboud University;
  4. We teased the Jur Status, a new product by Jur that will leverage the lean start-up method, applied to the blockchain market. If that’s not enough, then, it’s time to read on!
Here CEO Alessandro Palombo takes a photo with the OceanEx community

On October 5th, Jur co-hosted the Amsterdam “OceanTrip” meet-up alongside OceanEx and XMAX. At the event, CEO Alessandro Palombo gave a keynote presentation that introduced Jur to an audience of cryptocurrency professionals and community enthusiasts.

Ale’s keynote began by showing how Jur’s Smart legal contracts can deal with the crippling inefficiencies in the legal system. While discussing how easily the Jur Smart Contract Editor can create legal contracts, the CEO stressed the importance of an intuitive dispute resolution method. “An embedded online dispute resolution system fills gaps and overcomes disagreements. There is no smart contract in real business relations without an effective system of dispute resolution.

See the entire keynote here

One of Jur’s major updates is on how the Jur Beta Platform (JBP) can be used to easily create smart legal contracts without any programming skills required.

The platform is already out, and it will be hosting the first sale of a vehicle between private parties on the blockchain. We’re pretty confident this is the first time something as such is happening and we are thrilled that the JBP will be hosting such a historic event.

There’s still time to get in on the smartdrop and vote for what you think is the car to be sold!

Also announced was the addition of 5 new universities to the Lab for New Justice, an academic program that tests and improves the integration of blockchain with the legal world. These 5 universities, to be revealed before the end of 2019, will join Radboud University in The Netherlands as the first participants. We are really grateful to Radboud University and Professor Jannsen and Professor Ortolani who have joined the program as pilots, and we are looking forward to seeing the tests start soon.

The biggest announcement of the night was the conceptualization of Jur Status, a staking model that will allow users to receive utility fees in return for staking JUR tokens. This will be crucial for spreading adoption and gaining large commercial partnerships through legal firms aiming to acquire a Status. Alessandro hinted at the opportunity of well-known legal firms joining the Jur ecosystem, and highlighted the growing community as evidence of the hard work Jur’s team has been putting in over the recent months. With over 5,600 lawyers and more than 53 mediation entities supporting Jur, the CEO is quite confident that their lean startup model, powered by the Jur Statuses, will be gaining substantial traction in the legal field soon.

Jur’s CEO concluded the presentation with a roadmap of events that Jur would be taking part in, that included 7 other major events in October alone.

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After the keynote speech, the Jur team answered questions and interacted with the community, helping to share Jur’s vision for a better Justice.

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