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Law Faculty Radboud University to Join as Academic Partner for the Lab For New Justice Program

Zug, August 2019

We are pleased to confirm the Faculty of Law of Radboud University Nijmegen as first Academic Partner to carry out tests on smart legal contract creation and dispute resolution according to the Open Layer model in the Jur Beta Platform, thanks to Prof. André Janssen and Assistant Professor Pietro Ortolani.

The Radboud University

“We are pleased to start the process with Radboud University and Prof. Janssen and Dr. Ortolani, both members of our Scientific Committee. We believe in the value of involving students in the application of new technologies in a two-way perspective: giving and receiving feedback from those who will write in the near future, the new generations, is fundamental for us. Prof. Janssen and Dr. Ortolani have been amazing, showing a sensitive proactivity and we can’t wait to start this journey together”,

declares Alessandro Palombo, CEO of Jur.

“We are happy to be involved in a cutting edge technology at the moment of its inception. Law scenario will change sensibly in the near future, and we believe in the importance to start doing that from the Faculties of Law. At Radboud University, a Lab on Legal Tech is about to be. In the space, everyone has been talking about smart legal contract for some time, and finally we see a concrete example with Jur. We are thrilled to start this journey together with Alessandro and the Jur Team”

Prof. Janssen declares.

Professor Jannsen

The Open Layer is a decentralized Online Dispute Resolution system (dODR) for dealing with micro-justice. It is built upon blockchain and uses crowd-based algorithms. It will be possible for any JUR token holder to vote upon anyone’s disputes on the platform. Anyone can create contracts on the platform, which is meant for professionals of any kind. The Open Layer is meant to be used by the community and with the tests carried out at universities such as Radboud we aim to create a perfected system for the average use.

Voting mechanism of the Open Layer

About Radboud University and the Faculty of Law

Radboud University (Dutch: Radboud Universiteit) is a public university with a strong focus on research located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. It was established in 1923 and is situated in the oldest city of the Netherlands. The Radboud University has seven faculties and enrolls over 22,000 students. The Research & Business Law Centre (OOR) of the Radboud faculty of law cooperates closely with — and advises — external partners such as civil law notary offices and law firms, financial organisations, international businesses, courts, governmental bodies, ministries, NGOs and European organisations. Publications, such as professional journal papers and case notes, are written with a view to the legal practice.

About Prof. Andrè Janssen

Janssen is Chair Professor of Private Law at the Faculty of Law of Radboud University. Before he has held positions at the City University Hong Kong and at the Universities of Bayreuth, Göttingen, and Münster in Germany. He is the co-chief editor of the European Review of Private Law (ERPL) and has published more than 130 books and articles, in the last years especially on the legal aspects of smart contracts and legal tech in general.

About Jur

Jur is a blockchain-based ecosystem providing revolutionary trust solution in legal and justice industry in any business-related circumstances. Jur’s unique set of tools enable anyone to create contracts and resolve disputes online, in a fast, easy, affordable and incorruptible way.

Jur’s legal ecosystem is made by the Jur Editor for crafting smart legal contracts, three online dispute resolution mechanisms called the Open Layer, the Community Layer and the Court Layer to resolve any kind of dispute arising between business parties in an easy and affordable way; and the Jur Marketplace, an entire legal contract-template store for regulating business relationships of all kind.

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