Strategic Partnership Between Teleskill and Jur: Mediation & Arbitration Online & On The Blockchain

Chris Connelly
Feb 7, 2019 · 3 min read

Announcing a strategic agreement to integrate Teleskill’s online meditation with Jur’s blockchain-based arbitration.

Teleskill has deep experience and a long history as an industry leader in mediation and more generally in the processes of online alternative dispute resolution (ADR). With over 50 mediation bodies, over the years it has handled over 15,000 ADR procedures online, introducing one innovation after another to improve their process.

True to their history of innovation, Teleskill is now launching a multi-year partnership to offer Jur’s groundbreaking new legal technology to their clients. Jur offers ADR on the blockchain, setting up a network of Arbitration Chambers (Hubs) and digitizing the entire judging process, cutting costs and timing and increasing transparency, impartiality. and quality.

Jur will offer the proprietary software Teleskill ADR On-Line to Teleskill users and others in the jurisdiction of Italy, thus allowing parties in dispute to take advantage of a simple and effective mediation path in the knowledge that concluding through a friendly mediation a dispute is a good outcome for both parties in most cases.

Teleskill will offer to the parties in mediation the possibility to pass from mediation to binding arbitration in a click, delivering a resolution in less than half the time and a fraction of the cost of obtaining an equivalent decision from the government.

A few words from the CEOs:

“Our vision is to offer a new experience in resolving disputes for people and companies. Ensuring fast times and reduced costs to resolve disputes is crucial to the economic health of every economic operator. In Jur we are convinced that this new synergy will produce important results in the direction of a more efficient legal system and a healthy, practical application of blockchain technology.”

— Alessandro Palombo, CEO of Jur

“Digital innovation is in the DNA of Teleskill and the collaboration with a project that has core competence in blockchain and smart contracts is an opportunity to take a further step forward in the ADR sector, which we recognize as a growth sector and in which we have been investing resources and energy for years.

Teleskill On-Line Mediation is the application of dispute resolution alternatives most used by the Mediation Agencies and the only one with an agreement with the National Forensic Fund. Our software is constantly updated. I can give you some examples: thanks to the Teleskill LP-Bio facial recognition system you can certify the identity of the defendants and the “virtual waiting room” which houses the party is temporarily excluded from the private meetings that the mediator or the arbitrator performs.

Today I am happy that we have attracted the attention of an international entity: Jur, a pioneer and leader in the legal technology sector, particularly for smart contracts and Blockchain technology. I am sure that together, we will offer concrete advantages of simplification, transparency, economic convenience, and time savings for future users.”

— Emanuele Pucci, CEO of Teleskill

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