What’s up Jur: a brief bi-weekly story about the d-legaltech community // 14–1–2020

This special post-holiday edition of Jur Official Community Report summarizes the lively conversation from the 14 of December through January 3rd.

Jan 17 · 5 min read

Christmas, Hannukah, and New Years holidays are a busy time, but fans of Jur and curious newcomers still found time to ask and answer questions and discuss the future.

This edition of the bi-weekly summary includes a holiday “bonus week”

During this period, Jur recruited and accepted new candidates for the Jur Oracles program to help grow and lead the Jur Community. Frequent chat participant and lighthearted blockchain humorist @Coinneo asked about the benefits of the Jur Oracle program and Oracle @Nasser said Oracles have the opportunity to change the world by helping to shape Jur and they can learn a lot from the professionals on the team. If you are interested in helping create the legal system of the future and nurturing the community that makes decentralized dispute resolution possible, you can learn more about the Oracles program here.

Want to be a Jur Oracle? Click here to apply.

Several candidates applied and were accepted to the Jur Oracles program and will begin their training this weekend. Jur welcomes six new Oracle candidates: @HESoto, @Bokenday, @NLcryptoT, @Jaquine, @omojare, and @RossdaleNL.

@Blockchain Lawyer asked where he can buy Jur and was directed to OceanEx, an excellent exchange that is allied with VeChain and Jur.

New Oracle candidate and supply chain expert @HESoto expressed an interest in writing about Jur and Jur welcomed his efforts. @NLcryptoT asked if the Jur Official Announcements Telegram channel is legitimate and we confirmed that yes, that is a great place to keep up with the latest news from Jur in a compressed, easy to follow format — short messages and links to deeper investigations and explanations. You can follow the Official Announcements here: https://t.me/jur_announcements.

Jur Announcements Channel on Telegram — News In Brief

@NLcryptoT is a blockchain expert and he knows the blockchain is much more than “The Silk Road” these days, but he made a joke about smart contracts for drugs and we explained the “reject” vote. We discussed how the “reject” vote works. If Jur voters perceive a contract in dispute involves illegal or grossly unethical behavior, instead of choosing the best proposal, they can vote to reject the dispute. We acknowledged that if a contract does not go to dispute, Jur will not prevent an unethical contract. @NLcryptoT asked if unethical was defined and we responded that Jur is decentralized, so unethical behavior is not defined; it is up to voters.

@gerardotrevino posted an article about SYNC, a project to provide APIs for Open Banking and tax registration in Latin America and we discussed this with Gerardo and @Amb.

@BitcoinBobn commented said he was eager for Jur to remove bias in courts and told about three instances where court/govt was unfair to him. They were torts, permits, and parking tickets — all issues that Jur does not address. We explained how Jur is for commercial relationships, not these government functions, but in the future, governments could choose to use Jur somehow.

Bob asked if parties are visible or anonymous and we said they are normally anonymous but they could choose to be visible. Bob talked about US adoption and @NLcryptoT joined in and said Europe and China seem to be adopting blockchain faster, especially the Netherlands, although the Netherlands is talking about establishing a security requirement for crypto projects that projects will have to pay to fund.

Two of the new Oracle candidates and one of the first Oracles are from the Netherlands, and Radboud University where Jur is being tested is in the Netherlands. We are glad this pragmatic and forward-thinking nation is onboard the blockchain train.

Our CLO Raffaele was recently invited at Radboud for celebrating the #legaltech with other academics.

@RossdaleNL asked what use cases Jur can serve and we explained that Jur’s three planned layers can be used for any commercial relationship, but Open Layer is best for small simple deals.

@HEsoto expressed an interest in loading contracts for the Jur marketplace and asked if there is a specific format. We responded that for now, you can load any PDF contract, but when the marketplace is fully functional, most contracts will probably be created in Jur to make use of drag and drop clauses and editable details. We discussed the lean development concept — explaining that the Jur team aims to create new products quickly and work with the community to fine-tune them.

Some Airdrop participants including @ Ari that have been waiting for their tokens became impatient and were somewhat angrily critical of the project, but we responded urging patience and they understood our perspective became more supportive. The Airdrop rewards will be coming soon.

Why FUD about Jur? It is one of the few really useful crypto projects. Ari agrees.

@ SabrinaBianka asked where you can see Jur wallets and Oracle @Nasser directed her to VeChain stats. Oracles candidates @RossdaleNL, @NLcryptoT discussed explore.vechain.org and vechainstats.com, and the now-discontinued Totient Labs statistics. @NLcryptoT said he’d like to see an AMA and we noted that we had some in the past and would have more in the future, and meanwhile, anyone can Ask Us (and the Oracles) Anything, anytime on the Jur Official Community Telegram chat.

@HEsoto suggested targeting the freelance community, and we explained there are two parts to this effort- individual freelancers and platforms, and Jur will probably focus on platforms more first.

New Oracle Candidate @HEsoto informed the community about VeChain’s new whitepaper.

January 1st arrived and participants exchanged New Year’s greetings. @HAMIM asked about Jur total supply @Nasser answered that the total supply is one Billion JUR.

Frequent commenter @SabrinaBianka commented on the Cointelegraph article that covers Jur (read), remarking that it was good publicity, and @Mr Moen chimed in echoing Bianka’s sentiment. @R Papanikolaou asked what the group was about and got an in-depth answer.

So that wraps up three weeks of conversation about Jur and the future of legaltech. Stay tuned as we work together for a brighter future and better access to justice for everyone by providing innovative decentralized legal technology.

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Jur reduces the cost and time required to create contracts and resolve disputes by making it easy for any user to create smart legal contracts and attach fast, affordable dispute resolution. No expertise required.


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Jur increases access to justice thanks to smart contract and dispute resolution on the blockchain. #SmartJusticeForEveryone



Jur reduces the cost and time required to create contracts and resolve disputes by making it easy for any user to create smart legal contracts and attach fast, affordable dispute resolution. No expertise required.

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