Puerto Ricans in New England condemn repression against independence movement in Puerto Rico


April 26, 2016 — The Puerto Rican Diaspora Coordinating Committee (Coordinadora de Solidaridad Diáspora Boricua -COSODIBO), in New England, condemned the new repressive crackdown against the independence movement in Puerto Rico.
They described it as a new attempt to intimidate the Puerto Rican people, precisely in these historic moments in which, as a result of the debacle of the colonial regime in Puerto Rico, the anti-colonial resentment in the country has increased. 
Federal authorities want to pave the way for the imposition of the so-called “Fiscal Control Board” which would take absolute control of the Government of Puerto Rico, without any respect or consideration whatsoever for the structures policies established by the Puerto Rican constituents — said the spokesperson for the Coordinadora in the United States, Juan Antonio Castillo.
“We know that the imposition of that grim Board will take us back to the era of the most raw and shameful condition of colonial exploitation.” The intervention of the FBI against three known pro-independence leaders in Puerto Rico: Orlando González Claudio, Norberto Cintrón Fiallo and Juan Segarra Palmer is symptomatic of a wave of political persecution that will happen soon in our island. This situation will put us in a position comparable to the early years of the military invasion of our homeland, which resulted in a radical opposition against foreign interference in the country, with the usual quota of blood between the interventionist forces and the Puerto Rican patriots”.
“This so called Fiscal Control Board has no other purpose than to guarantee the payment of the debt of the $73 billion to the Wall Street creditors at the expense of the Puerto Rican people.” This debt is unpayable, because any adjustments to it will extend the period of payments at such high interest rates such as to drain funds from the Puerto Rican people and leading to a vicious never-ending cycle of accumulating more debt; leading the Puerto Rican people to a condition of slavery and ruthless colonial exploitation. 
Given this scenario, which without a doubt promises to lead to serious confrontations between the people and the colonial authorities, federal authorities have begun to practice dissuasive repressive measures against any attempts of radical resistance against what will be the imposition of a colonial open dictatorship in the country: the Fiscal Control Board in Puerto Rico. Today more than ever, the people should organize a common anti-colonial front, beyond partisan political lines”- said the COSODIBO spokesperson.

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