Jury.Online Panel Version Guide

1. You got to your dashboard where all projects of Jury.Online partners will appear. Click on the “eye” icon to proceed to the Project’s profile.

2. On the project’s profile you will see the roadmap of the Project with detailed information, website, Token’s symbol, Price, ICO contract address and Token contract address — you can check them in Etherscan by clicking on corresponding link and send offer to the developers of the project.

3. On the offer page you will see a calculator that will help you to estimate the amount of tokens to be transferred to InvestContract for the amount of ETH. BE ATTENTIVE: the amount of ETH should be precise as in the later steps you won’t be able to transfer more or less ETH.

4. On the Investment Contract page you will see the terms of the offer and current status.


Investor has made an investment offer to the developer.

Waiting for the Project’s Token offer.


The Project has made a smart contract that is publishing in the blockchain.

Please wait for the status “Verified” before transferring funds

Deploy failed

Please try requesting an offer from tokens or wait a bit until developers publish smart contract once again.


The smart contract by the Project is published in blockchain.

You may see the smart contract by clicking on the link in Contract’s profile on the Platform


Contract is in the process of being accepted by the developers.


Contract has been accepted by the developers.


The smart contract deployed in blockchain is verified and you may check its conditions.

Now you can transfer funds to the smart contract from the Contract’s profile

Processing payment

The payment is being processed by the blockchain.

It may take some time for it to be registered.


The funds and tokens are on the balance of the smart contract in blockchain.

Please wait for the end of the ICO and start of the first milestone.

5. On that page you will be able to chat with developers to ask everything you would like to know and agree on the better terms, but this will be up to the Project’s whether to transfer you more.

6. From now on you will need to wait until the status is “Verified”. You will be notified by email when the contract will reach that status. You can check for all conditions in smart contract the link to which will be published on Investment Contract’s profile.

7. After that you can click on the “pay” button and transfer money to the balance of smart contract. We strongly recommend using Metamask extension to transfer money as by using this extension you can achieve the best experience with our platform.

8. After the status becomes “Payed”, please wait until the start of the first Milestone to receive the amount of Tokens of the first milestone on your ETH address of Metamask.

This instruction will be updated shortly to give you information about arbiters, appeals and disputes before the start of the first milestone.