175 characters of missing you

My finger froze above SEND. The cold catatonia sweeping up my arm to my clenched jaw. Each message I sent I wrote quicker than the last, but the fear of sending an unintended letter made it harder to send.

He’d been gone now for nearly two months, speeding away from me. When he’d explained it, that he’d be safe, and only travelling at one percent of the speed of light it didn’t sound so bad. When we first talked about how we would keep in touch it seemed like it would be fun, a game. We could pretend we were living centuries ago, sending letters by ship to our lover who’d gone ahead to make way for our new life in a distant land.

He’d only been gone two months, but it took five days now to hear a response. The pain of putting a message into 175 characters was getting to me. The waiting with baited breath was harder.

It was only going to get worse. Each month he was away from me would be an extra three days waiting for a response. The ECOL would only let me send one message for each I received because of the massive …