Ear sandwiches

“I work two jobs because my wife passed away. I work at a restaurant during the day, and drive this [tow truck] at night. It was back in December. She was only 33. She got bit by a spider. Little brown thing about yay big. They’re all over here in California. They couldn’t fight the venom. They were going to cut her arm off, and she was OK with that. It was my daughter's birthday, and then the next day she felt sick, and the next day she died. It was the 9th. I gotta earn money to look after my daughter. Give it all to the baby sitter.

I did my share of drugs back in the day. Back in the 90s I was a coke-head. Not crack! The percentage purity these days is like 10%. They mix it with baby laxative, milk powder, whatever. Did you ever hear about that synthetic coke that was going around? Bath salts? It was super strong. You’d be up for days! Do a bag and go crazy. Did you hear about that guy in Miami? He bit a guys cheek off. A human cheek!

I go up to Tahoe sometimes. I won $9000 bucks once. On the slots. I had my first fish taco there too. Sounds dangerous but once you have one you go back for 5 more!”

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