Like … Though … But no …

The day was a long one. The day was a happy one. It was the day I lost myself.

I don’t know where I went. Or why. I did. And I did not come back. For a very long time I was gone.

Where I went I cannot tell. I hear I had fun. Who can really tell? I returned empty. The empty of a shell. The loss of me was physical. I could feel it. I could see it.

She came back with me. She was full. Not empty. It wasn’t me she carried. It was her. All I hoped for was a way back. I knew I was happier. When I was there. The place I left to.

A person came to me today. They were orange. The orange of a flag. They waved to me. Held out their hand. They were my friend. Or they were not. Did I have anything to lose. Hold their hand.

I was back. I could tell I was back. It was not a place. In was there. I had been before. How would I know?

There was a box. It was made of cardboard. It was brown. A knife lay beside …