Hive/Steemit and Their Friends

If you don’t know what is Hive and what is Steemit read that article first.

Steemit is a very huge and complexed system where everyone can find his/her place. If you decide to get closer with Steemit/Hive, keep reading.

All platforms, which are connected to the Steemit/Hive, have its’ tag and token. There are so many tokens now, so I don’t even know all of them. But I will introduce to you tokens and their ‘parents’. and #palnet
It is the first token which was created under the Steemit platform. PALnet (Peace, Abundance, Liberty) team was supporting authors with upvotes. And then they developed Palnet and Steem-Engine. and #actifit
Actifit is a sport-oriented project. The main idea is to keep a workout. You download the app, log in with your steemit/hive account and walk at least 5k steps every day, then you post your daily report via the app and get a free upvote from actifit team. So you don’t even need to do something special, just walk. And 5k steps is not so much. Actifit has it’s an online market with special boosts, but these details will be later. and #TPC
TypeEarn is a new platform which was created a few months ago. The main idea is typing. You type and get a reward, get TPC tokens, which you can exchange to steemit/hive tokens in Steem-Engine. You need to have at least 20 TPC tokens in order to start using the platform. But it is not so much, it is even less than a dollar. and #steemleo
All authors in steemit use #steemleo tag when they publish a post about investment. SteemLeo token in comparison with other tokens has a pretty high price. and #esteem
Esteem is a little bit different project. All hashtags mentioned above can be added to your post when you are writing in, or any other steemit/hive related platform. But Esteem has it’s special mobile and desktop app, which you install on your phone/PC, then log in to your account and publish your post in that programme. eSteem team randomly upvotes posts which were created via eSteem app.
Instead of tokens eSteem has its points, which you can spend on an upvote. You get points for different actions: post publish, upvote, comment, and even just for being logged in.
I really recommend using that platform! and #travelfeed
The name says about itself. If you are writing about travel, you should use that platform. Travelfeed team supports authors and posts, which were published via platform. So if you use #travelfeed hashtag in your post and publish it on another platform you won’t get an upvote from travelfeed. #spt
If you play steemmonsters or splinterlands you can write a post about it and add #spt, #splinterlands, #steemmonsters hashtags to your post. If your post is interesting you may get an upvote from splinterlands team.

There are much more projects and platforms in steemit/hive world. I will tell you about other platforms next time.




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