Book review: Running Lean, 3rd edition

Review first published on Good Reads: here

Stumbled across this updated 3rd edition of Running Lean by Ash Maurya recently — it is a worthwhile update and a reminder that these relatively early books on lean startup thinking are still — to my mind at least — the best.

Maurya covers the entire lifecycle really well and outlines pragmatic tools and insights that — whilst in the meantime are well understood, are still not practiced well; neither in startup land nor in enterprise side innovation programmes, where many of the approaches have relevance.

In particular, the practical lean “back-of-the-napkin” traction roadmap (in place of a traditional business case) with its focus on testing the right and most risky hypotheses for the stage in development is underrated in my experience. Do it early and then act on the insights immediately.

#NotRocketScience #StillHardToGetRight



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