For Mom, Dad, and Grandma, a side piece is slang for a person you have on the side, while in a relationship. Not a great mentality, but a slang term that has infinite joke potential.

I’ve been taking a lot of side trips in Europe. In South America, I took a total of 4: BsAs for Lollapalooza, Lima for Remote Nation, Salar de Uyuni for the Salt Flats, and Machu Picchu. However, two of those are very typical and easy journeys to make and not super different from the cities I was living in at the time.

While in London I went to Milan for Beyonce and took a train out to Cambridge for the day. While in Prague I went to Berlin, while in Serbia I went to Montenegro and Bucharest, Romania, and while in Split I’ve gone to Vienna (for work), Korcula (an island), Dubrovnik (King’s Landing), and Italy.

It’s a lot and to be expected for Europe, but I also don’t see it as coincidence when pondering the experience of Remote Year.

When we were nubile babes in Córdoba, Argentina, our Community Manager, Travis, put together an awesome video for us of advice from the first Remote Year group. They were wrapping up Month 8 in Japan at the time and a lot of them said something along the lines of “this will be a hard year in a lot of ways.”

We laughed. Hard. Yeah right, we’re living the dream! I’ve been thinking about that video and our reaction a lot these past few months. I’m going to continue claiming we’re the luckiest people in the world, but Remote Year IS hard. There are challenges that arise that you really don’t expect. A year is a long time, but I miss my life — my friends, family, coworkers, dog. Which probably explains my many side pieces. Nothing like pizza for lunch in Napoli, Italy to distract you from the things you’re sad about.

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