That’s the official halfway point of Remote Year. I don’t know who took the time to figure it out, but gracias.

As emotional, reflective, and introspective statuses and photos filled my newsfeed that day, I wondered how I would mark this momentous occasion. I’ve decided to commemorate the halfway mark by talking about one of my greatest passions — fast food.

I try to eat a Big Mac in every new country I go to. It started when I went to Hong Kong, age 18, and was informed fast food is different there. Pizza Hut is a sit down restaurant, with cloth napkins, that serves lobster. Hearing this I knew I had to hit up at least one fast food chain, and when I got a Big Mac at McDonald’s that was 10x better any I’d ever had, I got curious.

If you ignore the fact that it’s fast food, this hobby makes sense. It’s a familiar taste, that’s supposed to be standard, but it in fact tastes different every time you try one in a new country. I only recently started taking notes, so below, please find a ranking of all the Big Macs (by country) that I’ve tried and can remember what they tasted like.

1) Hong Kong
2) Germany
3) USA
4) Romania
5) France
6) Thailand
7) Czech Republic
8) Serbia
9) Argentina
10) Peru
11) Italy

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