That would be Belgrade, Serbia.

No, not Siberia like some of our parents believe, Serbia. Every time I mentioned this particular location people laughed in response or asked where’s that?

I didn’t really have a clue before I got here, but it’s pretty great. Like almost every city we’ve been in so far, Belgrade is situated around a river. And during the summer it’s crowded with clubs on boats, called splavs. No one in the group knew what we were getting into, but we did hear that Belgrade had an insane nightlife, though I haven’t found it to be particularly crazy. In fact, it’s probably more mellow than most of the cities we’ve been in.

Our first day here we did an amazing food tour, and saw a ton of the city and ate dishes specially made for us at some of the best restaurants in town. If you’re ever in Belgrade do the Gastro Balkan food tour, it’s really, really great.

Food tour crew

Food tour crew

It’s easy to get around, though admittedly we walk and cab. Haven’t even thought to try and take public transportation yet. It’s definitely a cafe culture, so while you’re walking you’ll pass empty restaurants with packed patios. Even the McDonald’s have outside lounge areas.

There is also ice cream readily available everywhere. But huge problem — no Magnum ice cream bars. There are ice cream freezers on every single block but no Magnum. It’s devastating, and too much of a tease for me to handle.

There’s also a strange trend I’ve noticed here — all restaurants, cafes, etc. play lounge covers of popular music. I don’t know about you but hearing a smooth jazz cover of Sexy Bitch by David Guetta does not help me focus on work.

We’re learning a lot about the history of Serbia and the formerly Yugoslavia area in general. The history is war torn,and recent, and it’s not something I remember learning about. Our city managers are amazing, and have introduced us to so many movies, events, and opportunities to learn about the culture and history of Serbia.

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