Pikachu Is True To His Self, So Why Aren’t You?

If Pikachu spoke fluent English he’d agree with what I’m about to say.

There are thousands of us already trying to be somebody else, instead of being our selves. So my question to you is, why not be yourself?

You’re you aren’t you? Or are you just another version of those other copycats trying to be someone they’re not?

Are you the latest victim to have your identity robbed from you? Well it’s never too late, there’s still a chance to retrieve your real identity. Especially because i happen to know where that burglars been hiding away. ;)

I don’t mean to insult you, but they’ve been hiding inside your head.

The moment you started to be negative towards yourself and “wish” you were somebody else, was the same moment that burglar decided to strike!

I have a couple of ways you can retrieve your true self right now….

Just be your damn self…

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well it is only 5 words after all, but seriously the only way to be different is to be your true self.

No matter how bad it’s gotten for you, deep down inside you know who you truly are and who you’re meant to be.

The reason you shield it is because people have criticized you, made fun of you, dis liked you, and were just plain cruel.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, the first step to being yourself is being aware of who you are.

Notice how natural, how easy, how good it feels when you just be you. There’s no struggle involved, there’s nothing to prove, and there’s certainly nothing to hide.

When you’re imitating others and not being happy for you, it’s a struggle isn’t it? It’s like kicking a solid brick wall for 20 hours straight and expecting it to break.

Good luck with that….

Practice being you everyday in any area you feel needs more work. We all operate on habits, so make it a habit to say what you feel, do what you feel, and show the real you on a day to day basis.

Be More Like Pikachu

He’s a yellow mouse Pokemon with red cheeks, a zig zag tail and pointy ears. Not only that, he can generate electricity through his cheeks and use moves like agility.

You don’t see Pikachu trying to copy other Pokemon do you?

There’s no need to, Pikachu can just be authentic which is what makes Pikachu unique. Pikachu isn’t original by accident.

You can be the same! It’s not necessary for you to try to be somebody else, it’s easier and more enjoyable to just be who you’re designed to be.

Every Pokemon fan knows Pikachu very well because it stands out from other Pokemon.

If you be original (which means being you), people are more likely to remember you for something… Whether it’s your unique smile, laugh, skill, voice, etc.

The secrets to being unique really comes down to just being natural. To dare to be different, you have to be yourself.

Originally published on — justbereal.co.uk

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