Discussion give you experience

It was the good day because waking up 6 am early but getting ready at 9 am haha.

I am working on Rupie android application. It’s great. we have done many things in the app. yesterday we were working on UI and UX of the application, not always according to material design because of our users. we have to make it easy to use.

I have written some REST API calls and some UI stuff as I have finished with this. we had a discussion regarding the Retrofit 2 and Rxjava 2. It was quite good actually in Rxjava 2, Rxjava 2 does not allow null as a response.

I realized, if you are discussing regarding something, does not matter what you are discussing. if the discussion is going to more than 10 minutes. it means, something is wrong. you both are not understanding or both of them achievement are different.

At this time you have to forget about the previous discussion and listen to each other ideas again and look to the final conclusions. as you have two conclusions. now believe me you both know who is wrong and how are you going to achieve the task.

In my condition I was wrong 😜. I was thinking in different context my apologies.

We have returned to home and worked again on some bugs and everybody knows if you are doing coding from last 12 hours. your have to take sleep.