Washing Windows

Today I washed windows.
I washed windows and thought of Janet.
I washed windows, thought of Janet, and prayed prayers of gratitude.
Gratitude for 24 years of her work in our home in Kenya.
Gratitude for 8 hours a day of making our home function
More beautifully. More efficiently.
So I could do other work.
Gratitude for her incredible standards
That superseded my own.
For her beauty and sparkling white smile
(I always told her she could model).
For our many conversations
about kids and motherhood and life.
About friends and loss and journey.
Gratitude for listening to her on the phone
From time to time throughout the day,
At first a little annoying
And then, drawing admiration,
As it became clear she was the touchstone for her friends and family,
The one who made things happen and moved everyone forward.
Gratitude for the way she has co-partnered with us
In raising our 3 boys.
Gratitude for the tears of this month.
Hers mingling with mine,
As we grasped the meaning of goodbye.
And what change will mean for all of us.
Tears as we kept trying to express what this relationship has meant
To both of us.
Opportunity, love, life, family.
I washed windows and in my minds eye
I saw her washing the windows to my soul.
Making the way more smooth and clear.
Year after year after year.
Today I washed windows and rejoiced
That Janet is part of my story and life.
And I am part of hers.
And always will be.