We Make The Road By Walking

We make the road by walking.
What a great title, Brian McLaren.
What a great truth.
And I hold onto this today.
My natural instinct is to plop down and pout.
To yell, “NO!!” I will not move. Let it all come to me.
But it doesn’t and it won’t.
It doesn’t take much faith to burrow in to only what we know.
It takes great faith to walk.
Especially if the future is new
And unknown.
I feel fearful. Not really up for new growth.
I find it so hard to call it opportunity. Adventure.
But when I look into people’s eyes,
I recognize “here is my place”.
Slowing Down. Loving. Extending kindness.
People seem to need all 3.
I know I do.
So I put one foot in front of the other.
And before long,
I look back and see the road that was made.
A road of beauty and grace.
Of an incredible heritage of life in Kenya.
Of faithful honoring of that reality.
And now, of saying yes to something new.
I’m not sure what this road will become.
It won’t be what I’ve known for so long.
It will be a new thing.
It will be good to look back.
And be in the position to see.
We made the road by walking.
For faith.
And for life.

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