What’s in a Name?

On May 31, she became a Harrell.
Her name changed. Forever. Legally.
That’s huge.
Mainly for her.
But also for us.
I roll it around in my mouth to get used to how it sounds.
I read it and still do double takes when I see it in print.
I realize that THEY are creating what it means.
The Kelly part and the Harrell part coming together.
They are deciding how to fill out their days now
as one with the other.
It’s fun and wonderful that she is one of us.
A new welcomed member of the family.
Our family. The Harrell family.
The Harrell family, a mishmash of
Knotts, Coaccis, Barnetts, Carrolls, Martins.
She will make us better than we were before.
She will bring another overlay of love and laughter.
And we will receive it with gratitude and know assuredly,
our mosaic just got more intricate and beautiful.
There’s A LOT in a name.
I’m very up for seeing this new one become it’s own self.

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