Amazing image from: Cinzia Bolognesi

I left his house and decided to go to a store, on my way to the metro station and then home. It was the end of a holiday morning and one of those unplanned nights, when we desire to be more than our everyday life allows us.

Three cotton panties, one hair conditioner, peanuts and the always wanted blender. Glass jar and silver base. Surprisingly cheap and so far I wrote two or three large words.

The night went well and ended as expected, justifying the toothbrush in my purse. Though as it happened before with the same guy, was an eventual situation, a great encounter as the carnival band that walked through us in the night, or an equinox. We have intimacy for the years we’ve known each other in this sort of friendship but, at the same time, we could be perfect strangers as we don’t meet often enough to actually build any kind of relationship.

We left his house, bike for him, shopping for me, as our late night confidences were now archived for the next season or thrown in the trash can among the package of the cheese we ate for breakfast. I don’t usually eat cheese, it would be another exception as it came with cherry tomatoes, toasted bread and black coffee. It was all novelty and repetition.

I came home feeling weird and happy — I had the blender with silver base and glass jar, three cotton panties to wash, peanuts for some visitor and the hair conditioner waiting for the next shower. The feeling fade away through the day and ended in a meeting with friends at our usual bar.

I still don’t know if I will wait for the next equinox, if I want this routine of short intense fires — the match life’s metaphor. The cheese, however, stuck in my mind and I bought a piece at the supermarket. Small one, just to have that taste back, hoping not to get the weird feeling again.