Michal Prucha, https://unsplash.com/@michal_prucha80

11. Disaster In Disguise

It’s not only ‘bliss’ who got the privilege.

We tend to think an unfortunate event as a bliss in disguise. Somehow you will find an important lessons out of that misery.

But we never think that an awesome event might actually be a disaster in disguise.

It’s not about being negative and prepare for the worst kind of advice.

We must prepare to anticipate if there’s a change of course.

Just like the wheel, what goes up will go down and vice versa. Make sure not to go down lower from where have you been before.

So how to anticipate?


You need to realize that things will go wrong at some point. Keep that awareness level, and always find another way to solve the problem.

Make a bullet proof system

With a system in place, we are constantly checked whether we are executing as planned.

For example: you need to save money every month, contact the bank to automatically transfer your salary to a designated bank account.

Or, our company is doing exceptionally well. Find a way to make your company runs without you, and seize another opportunity. If someday things gone bad, you’ll be fine.

Have the courage

You might have to change things and there are always people who oppose that idea. It might be your mother, spouse, or anybody.

Just like when Noah built his Ark, everyone thinks he’s crazy. But look who won?

Build foundation

Sometimes we are not ready for the blissful moments. It lower our guard, makes us thing we are the happiest man in the world.

And the next thing is you are in the slump of your life. There’s a saying, the higher you go, the harder you fall.

That’s why you need to build your foundation when you are going higher. Things like your soft skills, character building, and applied skills, are strong foundation builder.

So the next time you fall, it won’t hurt that much.