12. I love hustling, but this body can’t take it no more

Tired and sleep deprived, my body can’t take it and somehow this vessel has an interesting way to let me know.

It was midnight, I am working on another article to post. In the end, I gave up.

Everytime I got too tired, I will show allergic reaction. Sneeze more than normal, clear and watery mucus is running out of my nose. Then it will be minutes before my nose got blocked, and I will have trouble thinking.

This might sound hyperbolic for you but this is happening. People who know me well know that my body is weak.

And that is why I envy those people who has the physical strength to endure and hustle.

I love hustling because I have too many interesting projects to run so sleep is the last thing I want to do.

But my body can’t take it. I went to physicians, and they told me I’m just tired.

I did exercise before, it buzzed up my body longer than normal limit. But then I got fever and it took longer time for me to heal.

I went so far to visit a Chinese medicine specialist, drank the black colored liquid as a result of slow cooking the herbs for a night. Nothing changes much.

So if you have trouble looking for something to be thankful for, be grateful for your physical strength and use it wisely. Because sometimes mental power is not enough.

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