Garrhet Sampson,

2. To All Entrepreneur Advice Junkies…

You can read and execute on those, but still fail miserably.

Apple in Steve Jobs era has the principle that everyone knows well, make sure the product is perfectly crafted from both software side and engineering side. So they avoid the risk of launching a half-baked product (or technology), that will cause huge problem for consumers and Apple.

Gary Vaynerchuk on the other hand, advice all of us to put out as much contents as possible. Because creating and perfecting something will hinder us on our content delivery process.

People tends to mix advises from these great people and loses their mind when it’s not working. It all comes back to what kind of product are you creating?

If you are creating an industrial product like Apple and you really care about branding, then you have to achieve the perfection. Of course, you won’t be able to deliver a lot of products because you need to pay close attention the production line.

In the other hand, if you are talking about digital content like what Gary Vee is doing. Then yes perfection is preferable but of course it will take lots and lots of time. When you finally be able to release the content, you might lose the moment and the internet has moved on to something else.

Just like oil and water, you just have things you can’t mix together.

Each item has different use on different area. Unless you put detergents to form an emulsion, they’ll mix, but it won’t be useful anymore.