Andrew Neel,

8. A Message For All The Dreamers

Don’t listen to them.

When I was in my 20s, my mom always say that we need to be grateful for what we have. No need to work on things so much and get so hyped out for your ambitions.

As someone not yet reaching his prime time (research says it’s your 30s), I totally oppose her opinion.

“You are using that phrase just to justify your current condition. People need to hustle especially when we are young, we have the energy and the time to do all that. Give us the chance and support it.

8 years later, I’m in my 30s now. I’m satisfied with my personal achievement. I reached my lifetime dream, and recreate a new seemingly-impossible-dream.

Even though I haven’t accumulated any financial achievement like anybody else, dreams are not only about getting rich. Some people dreamt about travelling around the world by public transport. Or working in an island and be a digital nomad.

You’ll be mocked, laughed at, and looked down upon. That’s okay.

When that happens, you are on the right track. People think your dream is ridiculous, and think that you’ll fail. Just remember, those people have dreams in them as well. They think it’s ridiculous because they’ve failed achieving one.

Just after you achieved those goal, then those same people will have that question inside, “What if…”

You don’t want any regrets or curiosity by thinking about ‘what ifs’.

You are done with it.

Let’s start now. Not tomorrow. Not ‘After I finish this episode of Better Call Saul’.

Start now.

Chase your dream, be aggressive.

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