The Moon Romance

Photo Credit happy2be

Once upon a time, in a LA LA land, there used to live a boy, with his mother, elder brother and younger sister. He was loved by his family, like any other kid and they were a normal family, living in a humble setting.

He was what they call in today’s times, a mama’s boy. He used to hang on to her all the time. She taught him to read, write, they used to read books together, listen to music in the night on the radio. Whatever he will write, he will always show her first, as she was his first and closet critique.

He was not much of an outside kid, kids in the neighborhood will gather and play with his brother and sister. He joined them too once in a while so no one will pick on him being rude or something, but mostly, he will keep to himself.

One fateful night, he felt so restless he sneaked out of his home. This was beyond his allowed time, but he had to. That’s how he felt. He came and sat on this swing outside his home. Rusty, ragged and used to make creaking noises when moved.

He was surprised to see how bright it was and was wondering why he is not allowed to be out in the night. He had read about people who became legend and how they used to read under lamps. So, he thought maybe his neighborhood also have one of such lamps. He started looking around to see where these lamps were, but he couldn’t see any. Wondering and amused, he looked up in the sky and saw a big round ball of light.

The rest of the night was as dark as his mother’s veil. The black one that she loved very much and only he was allowed to grab on to. He was stunned. The light emitting from the big ball was breath taking. What was this giant ball doing out in the night? Who kept it there? Who was reading under it?

As the moments of amazement passed, he realized he was all alone outside. The fear of unknown gripped him and he ran inside to his mother. She would know, I have to ask her, he said to himself. So he rushed and jumped in her lap, panting and all out of breath. She looked at him and inquired what the matter was in her gentle voice.

He asked, Maa, that giant glowing ball in the sky, whose home is that and who kept it there?

Amused by his curiosity, the mother patiently replied, it belongs to God my lovely child, he kept it there in the night so people will not lose their way in darkness.

And it will keep burning Maa?? Like, always?

Yes my love, as long as someone is seeking direction.

Whaaaow! He gasped.

Fascinated and intrigued, he asked, what is it called Maa, and the mother replied, we call it the Moon.

Maa, that’s such a cute name, like a cuddly snuggly puppy!

Yes my love, as cute as my lovely child.

So he asked, Maa, can I meet the Moon?? Will God let me??

Mother replied, No my child, it is far far away, and if you go looking for her, what will happen to your Maa?

But the boy insisted, I have to meet the Moon Maa, I will come back fast, I promise.

No. The mother replied sternly. Go to bed now and sleep.

Filled with anger, he ran outside and sat on the ground, crying. As he looked up, he saw the moon was melting. Panicked, he started looking around to call people for help, but he couldn’t see anyone.

Then he realized, his eyes were filled with tears. As he wiped his eyes, he could see the moon again, in all its glory. As he looked at the moon with longing, he realized the light turned warmer, like someone comforting him.

That was his first dialogue with the moon.

His heart filled with happiness and he promised the moon he will come back tomorrow and they will talk, as he didn’t want to disobey his mother. He rushed to his bed and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, he woke up, but this wasn’t his room.

He was sitting outside his home, on the ground, staring at the moon.

How did he get there? Who brought him outside? When?

But he was happy to see the moon again. He smiled and spoke to the moon, this will be our secret. He felt someone approaching him, he was afraid it might be an animal or a stranger his Maa warned him about. He saw this man standing next to him. His fear vanished for reason unknown to him.

And the man asked, what a lovely child is doing outside at this hour? Not listening to our mother’s order, are we?

I wanted to meet the Moon, the boy replied.

Aah the Moon. Fascinating, isn’t it?

You know, it has been there since this world was created, even before this world.

Do you know how many people have tried to reach, meet, and capture the moon since that time?

It’s god’s most fascinating creation, filled with charms and magic that pulls one towards it. Its enigma is beyond explanation, though many have tried.

Did anyone ever meet the Moon?? The boy inquired.

Maybe, the secrets are between the moon and its admirers my child.

I want to meet the Moon too, kind stranger, will you help me please!

The stranger smiled at the boy.

Didn’t our mothers told us to be careful what we wish for?

Please, kind sir, you seem to know so much about the moon, please help me, I will be quick as my Maa will be waiting for me!

The stranger smiled again.

If I help you, your mother will be angry with me. Now we don’t want to make her angry, do we?

Please please please, kind sir! I won’t tell her who helped me, I promise!

And she can’t stay mad at me, she loves me, you know!

The stranger smiled again. Ok, but I will not take that risk. I will not take you to the moon. But since you insist, I can give you the secret that will help you.

But you have to deal with the consequences. I will not take any blame for that. Do we have a deal?

Yes! Yes! I will manage. I’m a big boy now. My Maa told me.

The stranger smiled and then he told the secret to the boy.

Those who seek the moon, shall forsake the daylight.

And the boy woke up.

As the legends say, the boy never saw the daylight again. Did he meet the Moon? Did he come back to his Maa? Who knows? As the secrets are between the Moon and it’s admirers.

Their romance has been going on for centuries now. As both of them have travelled through time together. The moon might forget as it has several admirers. But the boy, he waits every night. With a twinkle in his eyes and centuries of love in his small heart. He looks at the moon like no one has looked at anyone.

And once in a while, the moon smiles back

And the boy is often heard saying, My Moon, My life, my heart, will always belong to you. Centuries ahead. And after the time runs out. And maybe, maybe one day, if it is written,

We will be together, even if for a brief moment before everything is destroyed.

For that moment alone, I will go on, my love.

For, I have forsaken the daylight.

The End.