Updates on our first Meteor book

Last week we’ve announced that we are currently working on our first Meteor book.

We’ve worked intensively on this book the last days and want to share the current process with you.

Flashback: Intentions

This book was intended to include a checklist you can use when auditing / code reviewing your production ready Meteor app as we always do in the first place when working with clients.

More than a checklist

We started with this checklist characteristic in mind but soon realized that it’s not enough to simply “jot down” the bullet points you can check your Meteor app against.

We wanted to provide more insight information why something should be done in a way it was proposed by the checklist.

So brainstormed and started all over again to write down and explain every part the checklist contains. This way you understand why the shown advice should be implemented / applied.

Furthermore we’ve added some additional information about Meteor advice and best practices.

The checklist is still included but will be the last chapter so that you can print it out and check against it knowing that you know every detail of the bullet point on it.

A new name

Because of that changes we’ve renamed the book from “Meteor — The definite checklist” to “Auditing Meteor applications”.

Stay tuned

We’re currently in the last stages of reviewing and finishing this book. It will be published next week (with a discounted introductory price).

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