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Tired of divisiveness crippling every aspect of society?

Remember: In our political duopoly, polarization is a feature, not a bug, and your continued support of either party makes you complicit.

Duopolies split people into partisan tribes to serve shareholders and stifle competition. MasterCard and Visa, McD and BK, Apple and Android, Coke and Pepsi. In Washington’s case, the shareholders are not us, they are special interests.

We’re mere market segments in the duopoly’s marketing plan: Divide and distract the electorate so you endlessly debate symptoms and ignore the disease. Yes, news and social media are complicit, but they’re just marketing channels profiting from the amplification of the duopoly’s divisive messaging. They’re not the source.

I hear it all the time… “Our system is so broken!”

Friends, the system is working perfectly. Better than ever, as designed. They’ve got you heads down arguing which cola tastes better until you’re so invested in your choice that you find alternatives offensive enough to shame contrarians.

Just how insane are you? 80% of you are dissatisfied with the parties. You spend 4 years arguing which one is worse. Then 95% of you vote for one of them again.

You can continue to argue on the socials about, well everything, or you can begin to disrupt the duopoly. This can be accomplished by investing in nonpartisan solutions, backing unity candidates, and fueling competition, not just outside the two parties, but also from within.

It’s the only way out of this mess. I’m tired of saying it.



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Chris Teso

Chris Teso

20 years as a builder, founder, and CEO.