#22: Time

I was listening to Hans Zimmer’s Time soundtrack the other day and that got me thinking, what is the single most important resource in life? I have answered this question before, with people, energy, health, love etc. But now the only answer I can think of, is Time.

The evanescent nature of time is ubiquitously known. Time and tide wait for no one was one of my favorite childhood quotes. And I have also harped about it in my previous posts, insisting how we should truly maximize the Present and not let it slip by in the worries of the Past or the Future. But there are other facets of time that are equally important.

In relations, time is a measure of importance given to that person. Why else would an hour spent with a colleague seem more than enough, and an hour spent with a lover feel just like a second? Have you not been given enough attention by someone? Means you aren’t that important to them. Have you been given attention by someone even in the busiest of their schedules? Means you’re important. We all have only 24 hours in a day — who we decide to talk to in these determines a lot of our priority order of people. And that holds for things as well.

Another aspect of time is the value we attribute to it. And a lot of it stems from how we think about life. The pop culture stresses that life is momentary, death can come any time. While the Hindu mythology believes there’s life even after death, which might lead us to subconsciously believe that we have enough time in life, there’s no hurry. The bummer here is that none of the above two options are wrong — while it’s important to make the best use of our time, it’s also important to cut ourselves some slack, be a little laid back and enjoy the flow, and our uniqueness comes from how we balance the see-saw between the two.

Hence, I’ve come to believe the omnipotence of Time, not just its utility but how we think about it as well. And while you figure out how you want to think about it, I’ll go back to figuring what I’ll do on another lazy Sunday. :)