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OMG! The Just Reflections Pub on Medium is Growing — Thank You 10 Followers

Thank you for all your support and submissions. Now we’re up for an addition to the Editorial team. Interested?

A thank you card created by the Just Reflections on Medium.
(Image: The Just Reflections)

Dear Beautiful Souls here on Medium,

Today, I woke up with a happy heart because my Medium email says, The Just Reflections followers just reached 10. And my day just got filled with so much joy.

I know this sounds so cheesy to celebrate a simple milestone like literally 10 followers. Because why not? We pop confetti to a million YouTube subscribers or a 10K Instagram followers, why not celebrate on TEN MEDIUM FOLLOWERS?

I came across this blog post about celebrating little things in life. It was really a nice motivational post that it pushed me writing this. It says there and I quote:

“…celebrating the little things, is that it boosts your motivation. No matter what you’re working towards in your life, you’re going to need a good level of motivation to keep striving to achieve it. By celebrating the small milestones along the way, it keeps you motivated and focused on your end goal.” — Naomi Isted

This made me realized how beautiful life would be if only we’re so thankful of every little thing we have, big or small.

(Screenshot of the email from Medium)

To all the 10 followers of /𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐣𝐮𝐬𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐟𝐥𝐞𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬

I’m beyond grateful to all of you for being such a huge supporter of my Medium journey. I assume that all of you are aware that /the just reflections pub was just recently created. It’s young and so novice. I thank you for your trust and for supporting this little writing pot.

Because I can’t thank you enough, I dedicate this space to shout each and every one of you.

If you’re reading this and have not followed yet, please give this beautiful people (that I will be mentioning below) a follow or a clap on their stories. They are awesome and so talented and I know you will love them, too.

Darrin Atkins

Darrin is a writer and a novelist. If you love adventures and travels, go check his stories. In his bio he says, he’s looking for fun in the sun. He’s always a man who chases his dreams and can’t stop the feeling that time is going faster. Darrin.

I. Trudie Palmer

Trudie is one of the most amazing woman I’ve met here on Medium. The most active at The Just Reflections pub. She has the most number of submissions so far. And she writes really captivating lines of poetry. At the moment, her pieces are the most read on the pub. Trudie, thank you so much. You are trudie awesome!

Pamella Richards

Hello Miss Pam! Your recent submission is just lit. Thank you for sharing the universe with us. Your writing style is really interesting and I want to learn that from you. You are amazing. Please continue sharing your reflections to the world, and to the rest of us. Graci!

Ben Shelley

For some reason, I fell in-loved with your content. You’ve given Medium a fresh perspective of how we see the world and writing. Your stories are on-point and I love how you arranged your thoughts in every piece. I must say, you’re a genius!

Benjamin Lim

I can’t really find any useful information about you, my dearest friend. But I’m beyond grateful for the support you’ve shared with the publication. Thank you so much.

Ben McGary

My Ben! Sorry. Stalked you and you’re all over. (Insert lol emoji). I can’t forget you because you are that guy I commented on when you published your “About Me” story. Thank you so much, my man, for being one of the few people who made my day today. That means so much. Followed you on LinkedIn, by the way. And I look forward to the success of your new venture — Standard Contact. That’s really interesting. Good luck, my friend!

Niet van der Zand

Hallo mijn vriend! I’m not sure if that’s correct. Lol. Wow, your poems are so beautiful. You evoke endearing emotions in every line. Oh how I envy your writing style. You’re such a talented beautiful soul. And I’m so glad you’ve stumbled upon our publication. I’d be glad to welcome your poetry pieces. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you want to join our Writing Pillars. Thank you for sharing your beautiful reflections to the world.


Like Benjamin, I know you’re also a bookworm who just love Medium so much. How I wish you’ve published some stories so we can read and share it to the universe too. But even then, thank you for being one of the first 10 followers of /the just reflections.

EP McKnight, MEd

One of the most amazing women I know in Medium. I’ve been your follower since the time ‘I-can’t-remember’. I was stunned by your positivity and enthusiasm. A woman like you is such an honor to have in a circle. I’m so grateful for your presence at The Just Reflections. And thank you for publishing my pieces at Illumination. Please continue to shine, because you are!

And the 10th is me. Lol.

Just 10 but great and genuine people

What’s my reason not to celebrate with this beautiful, bright people? From the bottom of my heart — THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Job opening for the Just Reflections on Medium. Editors wanted. Please apply.
(Image: The Just Reflections)

You’re invited to join the Editorial Team

Ok, we’re just 10. And seriously you’re looking for Editors? Yes. Why not. Even though I don’t get a lot of submissions on the platform, I still believed one day we’ll get there. So why not prepare at this very stage?

Having a team of editors, I believed that it will help both the publication and the people involved (editors). I’m not looking for the brightest stars in the universe. No. I’m looking for those dedicated and deserving person. Novice yet enthusiastic and have great passion in writing.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve published the best pieces on earth or not, what matter most is your passion. Your growth. Your development. You! And we are in this together.

Please read this Medium story I wrote a few days ago, so you’ll have an idea of what are the benefits you’ll get being with us:

If you’re interested apply from the link you’ll see on the story above and in the form please indicate you want to become an Editor. I’ll get back to you with an e-mail to welcome you to the pub.

Click the link of the story above, or go fill-out this Google form directly and I will be waiting you there! See you…

Once again, thank you so much for following and for reading this story.

Syed Qassim Acabo
/just editor



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