Sahara, the Messenger

Dust to dusk

Photo by Fabian Struwe on Unsplash

Woke up this morn to a dusky sky, no clear explanations to why
Looks like rain but no rain — no fog, just haze
Dust they say — from the Sahara’s gaze,
travelling thousands of miles across the tempest Atlantic
suppressing hurricanes, affecting climate.

High up, particles of Mother Land
Floating up there—
Tropo, strato, meso thermo
Do you ever reach the exosphere?

Sending haze to our days — mirroring the haze in our lives
The unknowing, the clairs not clear, not showing what tomorrow may bring.
Hovering — bad news about everything.

Tell me, Spreading One,
as you travel making your resting place the floor of the Amazon,
How can this race, we win?
How can mankind, redefine its purpose —
to understand the true reason for being?

So simple, you say, raining down droplets on my eyelid
Just love —
it still conquers everything.

I. Trudie Palmer
One Love



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Ilis Trudie Palmer

Energy, Creativity, Spirituality, the Great E.S.C; One dose of upfulness in each story or poem or song lyric. https://esotericgardenskn.com