An Open Letter of Gratitude to Jerry Colonna — Part 2

I wrote Part 1 of this letter to express my gratitude to Jerry Colonna. This is the original letter I sent him in 2013. I wrote this letter when the pain I was experiencing in my life finally outweighed my fear of asking for help.

Hi Jerry,

I had trouble submitting the form the first time, so apologies if you’ve received this twice.

I saw you speak at last year’s Northside Festival and have had it in the back of my mind since then to contact you and see if coaching might be a good fit for me.

My background is a mix of big companies, management consulting and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is really where my heart is.

I’d like to explore coaching for a few reasons. First, I think I’ve realized over the years that I’ve had an internal conflict related to my love of entrepreneurism. It could come from the fact that it’s a very different career path than my father took and nobody’s ever really encouraged me or given me a pat on the back along the way to say “nice job, glad to see the the entrepreneurship path was the right choice”.

Second, I had to shut down a company I co-founded about 4 years ago and have walked a pretty tough and tumultuous path in the years since, to end up where I am today, a technology consultant at a law firm. I took that path alone for the most part and don’t really want to do that anymore, as it can be a pretty lonely road. I don’t feel like I’ve ever properly processed the experience.

FInally, I “thought” I had finally gotten to where I wanted to “be”, at this stage of life and career. (I’m turning 40 later this week.) I’m making more money than I ever have, while working from home, on my own schedule. Now that I’ve gotten there, I’m actually not sure this is where I want to “be”.

So, I really feel like I’m at a critical crossroad in life and career. Furthermore, I’m tired of going it alone and feel that I could really benefit from a coach to work through the questions that have built-up over the years, to make the right decisions to set the foundation for the next phase of my life and career.

Thanks for listening and best regards,

Chris Remus

Brooklyn, NY