when someone asks “how’s it going” be honest — share the good and the bad,
The Loneliness of an Entrepreneur
Brad Feld

I hear the following exchange endlessly at my co-working space —

Person A — How’s everything, good?

Person B — Good!

Person A — How about with you, good?

Person B — Good!

Person A — Good.

It’s awful.

I’m constantly amazed and saddened by how difficult it is for people to stay with a conversation that strays from this pattern. That’s why this comment about trying to share the good and the bad connected with me.

It’s time, actually well overdue, to bring some true connection into the “killing it” world of entrepreneurship. This requires bravery and honesty to happen.

My gratitude for continuing to highlight the importance of this and other related and unpopular topics _/|\_