4 weeks to 5 AM — Successful Morning Routine
Alen Huskanović

I’ve learned a mindful evening routine allows me to wake up rested and recharged between 5A-5:30AM each day. Just Rolling with It has allowed me to hit the reset button on my evening routine. It starts about 2.5 hours before I go to bed. Bedtime is around 9:30PM now.

The graph on the left in the post is what a night looks like when I don’t follow the routine. The one on the right of the post is what a night looks like when I do.

Here’s what the mindful evening routine looks like -

1 — Eat a plant-based dinner

2 — Have my last glass of water by 2 hours before bed

3 — Meditate for 20–30 minutes

4 — Take salt bath or shower

5 — Eat a couple tablespoons of organic nut butter, to prevent blood sugar drop during sleep

6 — Brush my teeth

7 — Read for 20 minutes, nothing work-related

8 — Complete evening Five Minute Journal entry

9 — Set Sleep Cycle app

10 — Go to bed, start body scan meditation

11 — Sleep

A good night is 7.5–8 hrs of sleep, at a minimum of 70% sleep quality. Sleep Cycle tracks these stats for me.

And with that, I wish you a good evening AND a good morning!

P.S. — You can also find the full routine on my blog. I published it as a post here.