Me and Frank Sinatra Disagree on This Now

“I feel sorry for people that don’t drink, because when they wake up in the morning, that is the best they are going to feel all day.” — Frank Sinatra

(Update: 2017 marks the first full year of me not having a single drink, in 20+ years)

Sorry, Ol’ Blue Eyes, I don’t agree with you any more on this one. I actually did agree with you for most of my adult life. I’m feeling happy that I don’t anymore.

I didn’t start drinking until I turned 21. It wasn’t for legal reasons I abstained this long, I simply wasn’t interested before that and didn’t hang out with people who were. After turning 21, I definitely did my fair share of drinking and probably picked up the slack for a number of people too ;)

Only Feeling Good at Night & on the Weekends when Drinking

Somewhere along the way I started agreeing with Frank, since the only time I was feeling good was when I was drinking. I became convinced that the only time I could feel good when I was drinking. As a result, the only time I allowed myself to feel good was when I had a drink in my hand.

So throughout most of the day I didn’t really feel good and looked forward to the evenings or weekends, when I could temporarily put aside my responsibilities and stress, pour a drink, or two, or more and allow myself to feel good.

At least then I could and would feel good, I would tell myself and I had Frank Sinatra himself to back me up on it!

I told myself I felt good when I was drinking. Looking back, I think I felt better about the anticipation of drinking than about how drinking actually made me feel, especially the next morning after a night of drinking.

Just Rolling with It Instead of Drinking to Cope with the Stress of Entrepreneurship

Drinking was a big part of how I handled the stress of being an entrepreneur. If I wasn’t happy most of the day and really stressed out, dealing with the daily emotional cycle of an entrepreneur, at least I knew I’d be happy at the end of the day or on the weekend, with a drink in my hand, right Frank?

I started Just Rolling with It a few years ago, when it became clear to me that the old ways of handling the stress of being an entrepreneur weren’t working anymore.

In response to this realization, I started my Just Rolling with It journey to -

  • Repair and restore my well being, to
  • Support and accelerate the achievement of my goals as an entrepreneur
  • In a way that makes me happy for myself, my family and others

One aspect of my Just Rolling with It journey has been to cut back on how much and how often I drink. I’m feeling fortunate to have made pretty significant progress -

Before Just Rolling with It = 20+ Drinks/Week

After Just Rolling with It = I actually haven’t had a drink in 3 months

This shift happened gradually and looked something like this -

1 — Reduced the number of drinks I had Monday-Wednesday

2 — Reduced the number of drinks I had Thursday

3 — Reduced the number of drinks I had over the weekend

4 — Started to skip a day of drinking here and there

5 — Started to increase the number of days between drinks

6 — Started to not drink in social situations

7 — Started to not drink in particularly stressful social situations

Sorry, Frank, the Mornings Feel Really Good Now

Somewhere along the way, I slowly started feeling good again when I wasn’t drinking.

Hmmm, maybe Frank wasn’t right after all…could it be?

  • I’m sleeping better and feeling less exhausted the day.
  • I’m waking up earlier, much earlier, now around 5:30A-5:45A, yet still feeling better rested than when I was lethargically pulling myself out of bed after 7AM and sometimes 7:30AM, after a few glasses of wine the night before.
A Snapshot of a Great Night’s Sleep from the Sleep Cycle App
  • I discovered how enjoyable the mornings can be, especially when I follow my mindful morning routine.
  • I‘m feeling better for longer periods of time after my cycling workouts.
Me Grinding Away on the Indoor Trainer
  • My resting heart rate has to below 50 BPM, 46 BPM and dropping at last count.
A Recent Resting Heart Rate Measurement
  • My inflammation levels have dropped precipitously.
  • My mind is feeling clearer and more focused than ever before in my life and I’m starting to enjoy a sense of newfound equanimity.
  • I smile more and have a lot more energy to keep up with my newborn son :)

A combination of disagreeing with Frank, cycling and meditation, among a few other habit changes, have allowed all of this to happen on my Just Rolling with It journey.

All of these benefits have created a cycle of feeling good when I’m not drinking. I’m experiencing that the cycle builds on itself. The less I drink, the better I feel and the more I disagree with Frank Sinatra.

A few months ago this cycle really hit a tipping point for me, as I came to realize that I don’t really want to drink anymore. I’m feeling so good when I’m not drinking that I don’t want to screw it up by drinking.

If you had tried to tell me this shift could and would happen before I started Just Rolling with It, I would have completely dismissed you as I picked up my martini and turned up the Frank Sinatra music on the stereo.

Today, after starting down the Just Rolling with It path, I’m as surprised at experiencing this shift as I am to be disagreeing with Frank Sinatra, Ol’ Blue Eyes, the Chairman of the Board himself.

There’s no doubt Frank Sinatra was a very charismatic and convincing guy. If you’d like a little help cutting back on your drinking and disagreeing with Ol’ Blue Eyes, click here to join our always free group of mindful and supportive entrepreneurs. Before you know it, you’ll be disagreeing with Frank too.