All We Need is… Groups
Sharon Savariego

Thanks for the reminder of how powerful supportive groups and networks can be for us all!

I’m feeling grateful to learn asking for help is a strength for entrepreneurs. I used to believe asking for help exposed vulnerability. Vulnerability was a sign of weakness to me.

So logically, asking for help was a weakness too, right?

I’m feeling fortunate to learn I was wrong!

I couldn’t imaging going it alone on my Just Rolling with It journey. I’m fortunate to have the full support of my wife, who gave birth to our first child, our son, a year ago.

My wife’s experienced some of the fear and anxiety that are our companions on this journey. I’m feeling grateful she’s never once doubted me or my decision to start Just Rolling with It.

She understands that I’m not only Just Rolling with It for me, I’m doing it for our family.

My newfound openness to connection has also allowed me to benefit from the support of a —

I’m also creating a free community of supportive and mindful entrepreneurs around the Just Rolling with It journey. My hope is it becomes a supportive group for those of us who realize the power of working together, rather than against each other.

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