Less than One Week to Christmas and I Have No Interest in Buying Any Gifts

Christmas gifts are stressful
Photo by Juliana Malta on Unsplash

Today I met with a friend of mine that see once in a while, and I knew there was a high probability she would want to exchange gifts; that’s why since I wasn’t prepared for it, I decided to give her a shopping gift card that she’ll use whenever she wants for whatever she desires.

If all you have time in a day is the tip, then this publication is for you. Whether if you want to write a short story with a tip or you’re a reader looking for tips then you arrived at the right place. We promise won’t take you more than three minutes.

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Eva Grape

Eva Grape

Chief Mom Officer (CMO) writes about parenting, relationships, sex, and sometimes about business and money; loves to challenge males to better themselves.

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