A Simple Guide on How to Overcome the Unpleasant Ghost of Christmas Past

Keep this list close for Christmas.

Photo by Lisa from Pexels

I am a secure adult woman in her late 30s, yet I still get a stomach ache around Christmas. The reason is that this holiday rarely brought joy to my family. All my childhood memories revolve around stress and anxiety about who will get drunk and pissed and start a fight from nothing.




If all you have time in a day is the tip, then this publication is for you. Whether if you want to write a short story with a tip or you’re a reader looking for tips then you arrived at the right place. We promise won’t take you more than three minutes.

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Eva Grape

Eva Grape

Chief Mom Officer (CMO) writes about parenting, relationships, sex, and sometimes about business and money; loves to challenge males to better themselves.

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