Although I rarely say it out loud, it’s the word that best explains my intellectual response to what’s happening in the world.

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It is another in my series: "Searching for the Cause of My Uncontrollable Profanity, Given the Insanity of Modern Humanity.” In truth, there’s no series, but nobody cares about honesty any more.

Although it seems like someone threw a switch a few short years ago, the current chaos is systemic and started long before we even realised it. That’s how organised this crime has been. We have to focus on those who run the system. (See — the game is rigged section below.)

Me and Midjourney. We have this thing.

I’ve lost count. We have to fight so many battles — corruption, gaslighting, politicians, crime on the streets, theft by political leaders in plain sight, being run by donkeys, the destruction of health, education and police services — a much longer list.

I’ve been around this a lot. I always end up with the truth that there’s no ‘we’. And that’s been the plan all along and why it’s worked — to divide us into at least two (but two is enough) parts and ensure clear blue hatred between us.

It’s the new equilibrium.

So, how do we puncture it when we are blinded by rage? I’ve no fucking idea. But I’m always listening, thinking about it, and speaking to those I think might have a clue—a vanishingly small number of people.

Here’s my prompt. Hey, Midjourney, show me what people are thinking.

Here’s the inside of my brain.

Imagine what follows as a diabolical lyric on constant replay—a continuous stream of irritation, acid and flames—and I’m locked in.

Deep Breath—

“When did we move beyond facts?—Why are a significant majority of our political leaders incompetent?—Why are there zero consequences for those in power?—Why are we accepting short-termism when we know the answers are long term?—Why do liars get away with it even though they will be fact checked Why is it no longer possible to debate anything?—Why do so many people defend the indefensible?—Why do people in positions of leadership lie even when faced with the facts?—Is the population seriously happy that the government isn’t investigating or recovering the £40+ billion that has gone missing?—Why has such a large percentage of society become so gullible?—Where has all the taxpayers money gone—given that we pay more and get less than almost every other country?—How/why have we allowed the vested interest business models of the national press to dictate popular opinion?—Why are so many (seemingly intelligent) people persuaded by obvious nonsense on social media?—When did intelligence, respect and common sense become left wing/awake?(woke)—When did we start losing arguments that are proven to be not based on truth?—When did being delusional/thick become the norm and even fashionable?—Repeat—repeat…”

I translate this as fuck.

Hey, Midjourney, I'm with Edvard.

Anger Management

Changing our minds through the ‘to-and-fro’ of civil conversation no longer exists. Its absence has reached Defcon 1. To want to debate anything is now left-wing(woke). Hatred for ideas like respect, grace, politeness, decency, civility, dignity, patience, attention, truth, fairness and humanity in general is now right-wing.

“But what can I do? I am just one person.” — Said 7 billion people.

I don’t want to be on a wing. Fuck the wings. I don’t belong to politics, and everyone I know is in despair—less and less interested in the piles of partisan bullshit we have to sidestep, read or listen to daily.

It’s inescapable.


The fact that the perpetrators acknowledge that it’s deliberate makes me sick. No matter how often politicians lie, it remains a lie—but heard often enough by those fooled by the propaganda, it is their truth.

I will vote for the party that tells me less lies. I will never again vote for the Conservative Party. I understand they don’t care.

Some of my ‘mind-rant’ questions are easy to answer, but why isn’t there more (more of a) movement to rid ourselves of this insanity?

“But what can I do? I am just one person.” — Said 7 billion people.

Because there is no ‘we’, we aren’t mobilised—we are broken fragments, atomised by the nuclear bomb of vested interest (the investment), making damn sure there’s no we. There’s no community, no inter-connected body, no concerted movement of ‘us’—no we that can stop the insanity.

Please tell me if I’m wrong and I will join it.

Hence the profanity. Sorry.

An Appendix

The Game Is Rigged.

I wasn’t good at math and stats.

But look at me. Since the 1950s, the population has gone from 50.2 million to 67.7 million, up 25.86%. (Expected to reach 73.4 million people by 2041. Some causes — the baby boom, better life expectancy (70–81 years) and the country attracting immigration. (In 2020, an estimated 3.6 million immigrants lived in the UK.)

But over time, the system enabled many of our greatest assets to be sold off (water, energy—for fucks sake), money to be sucked/syphoned off by off-shore investors and turning the ‘rules of the game’ to their advantage.

“But what can I do? I am just one person.” — Said 7 billion people.

So, not only have we grown by a quarter and with more pressure on the system than ever, but we have kept the same investment and percentage of GDP on all the systems while losing billions of reinvestment in our essential services for the benefit of already well-off shareholders, all the while voting for just that. How brainwashed must we be?

Does Anyone Important Care?

The widening gap between the rich and the poor in the UK results from a moral collapse. And many of the wealthiest 1% are making damn sure that this only goes in one direction.

The wealthiest 10% of households in the UK own 43% of all wealth, while the poorest 50% own 9%. (In 1979, the richest 10% owned 34% of wealth, and the most deficient 50% owned 12%.)

The Causes

  • The decline of manufacturing jobs.
  • Unapologetic policies that ignore (lie about) poverty and inequality
  • Unfairness is generally accepted/shrugged off in more areas of society.
  • Lack of opportunity keeping sections of society down.
  • Injustice—where those in positions of strength get away with things that the general public does not.
  • Disruption through economic or political changes — being (deliberately) mishandled and ignored by the decision-makers.
  • Misinformation/lying — people are misinformed every minute of the day — deliberately.
  • The increasing cost of housing has made it more difficult for people to afford a home.
  • The cuts to public services have made it more difficult for people to defend themselves against crime.
  • We have limited access to essential services, such as healthcare and education.

Doh! -The Consequences:

  • Frustration, boiling rage and unrest.
  • Polarised society.
  • An increasingly uncivil society.
  • There is a massive increase in poverty and inequality.
  • Reduced social mobility.
  • Physical harm leading to theft, violence and property damage
  • Psychological trauma, anxiety and depression
  • Economic hardship — businesses are forced to close, and people lose their jobs. (Food and heat banks)
  • Social isolation — people are afraid to leave their homes or interact with others.
  • A loss of trust in politicians, media, institutions, especially the government and the police.
  • A decline in the quality of public services.

How can we know where to head when we lose our moral compass?

“But what can I do? I am just one person.” — Said 7 billion people.



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