John Caswell

Head Of Crayons At Group Partners


As a recovering corporate advertising person (WPP Group plc.) I’ve now been clean for 17 years. I advise, cajole and facilitate leadership thinking. I literally help people see the future of their business. By ‘literally see’ I mean draw new strategies visually. I do that by using the tools of our age — oh, and drawing on walls sometimes.

“Visually translating/simplifying what people say. It is the only way I’ve found to bust the myths and bullshit of the age. Deconstructing the lazy narrative we’ve been infected by in business over the decades…”

My passion and purpose is to apply my talents to achieving something really valuable during my lifetime. We’ve invented Structured Visual Thinking™ — an approach and mentality to accelerating value and making rapid progress in the realm of business and society.*

* I’m not big with the corporate titles we award ourselves with in business. That’s why I’m Head Of Crayons.

A Creative Life

I started out in business working with friends in the technology business — in Cambridge. I was a very early employee at Acorn Computer and launched The BBC Micro — this was the dawn of the computing industry in the United Kingdom. From these innovations, ARM was formed.

Following this I moved to London, forming a full service marketing agency that created award-winning work for Benetton, SAP, IBM and many others.

Finally selling the business to WPP Group plc. in 1996 shortly after the highly acclaimed work on Euro 96. We went on to win the Global SAP Account which remains with Ogilvy & Mather to this day.

In 2001 I formed Group Partners in response to the strategic void — a scary hole in how businesses think and work. Strategy is the word we use to describe plans for change and transformation. A subject full of mystery, misery and frustration for many.

I also created Structured Visual Thinking™ — a collaborative and visual technique for creating strategy and plans. Strategy and plans that people own, are motivated by and can execute. Designed as the antidote to the countess uninspiring and traditional methods for building the right plans for the future.

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