Not In My Name

In Search Of The Right Attention

I was searching for a new job title.

Not because I like them but because (some) others need them. I accept that a title allows us to be positioned. But that’s why I don’t like them. I’ve met far more brilliant Receptionists than brilliant Senior Executives.

I have been ‘Head Of Crayons’ for a few years. I don’t think that label stopped me getting meetings or anything. I don’t know if I’ve been literally positioned that way. Maybe I have.

It could be that I am perceived as the bloke that manages hordes of mischievous whiteboard markers and coloured pencils that would otherwise be running amok in the business. It’s true, I try to motivate them — keep them on track. Get them back from lunch on time — make sure they are happy and achieve meaningful business actions. OK.

I’m not alone in finding UK society ever so totally broken right now. I normally find the conflict and tension of opposing thoughts the raw material for rampant creativity. It seems so depressing that what was once powerful dissonance now cowers under incomprehensible incompetence.

I’m toying with the title — ‘Cognitive Dissident’ now. You Think?